We provide Technology and Solutions for Secondary Lead Smelting, Lead Refining, Lead Alloying and Lead Oxides Manufacturing & Processing.


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Gravita Exim Limited (An ISO 9001:2000 certified), another flagship company of the Gravita Group, has congealed the pace for changing global customer demands for Lead Battery Products. All our business processes are targeted at maintaining the highest level of environmental integrity and cost competitiveness. We believe that eco-friendly business practices as the preservation and protection of our natural resources with efficient operations.

The company achieved a dominant role in the Indian as well as Global Lead arena with leaving no stone unturned in substantiating its exclusivity in this metal recycling. The Company achieved the best of Battery Scrap Recycling and Gravita became a true Indian multinational. Gravita strategically stepped in where demand was high and quality required was superlative.

Being a Design / Engineering Consultants for waste Battery Re-cycling Plants, company provides comprehensive Turnkey Solutions for cost effective Re-cycling process & plants which are well equipped with Environment friendly Technology. The Company has grown into a team of professionally qualified and experienced technicians to handle projects. The Company is world renowned for its technology and speedy project implementation globally.

The activities of this Company comprises of survey for project, selection of site, feasibility study, market survey, sourcing of raw material, project implementation, ensuring successful commissioning of the plant, training of personnel and providing back-up for sales of finished goods. Company has supplied Plant & Machinery with process technology to many foreign countries such as Malaysia, Jordan, Ukraine, UAE etc.

The most common raw material at a Secondary Lead Recycling/ Smelting Unit is Lead Acid automotive batteries. We at Gravita are capable of furnishing Battery Shredding or Crushing Machines & equipments.

Batteries are typically unloaded from trailers, conveyors, or from pallets. The Scrap Batteries are fed through the belt conveyer feeder in to the Crushing Section, where it is crushed & broken into pieces. The crushed material is collected in the Tanks. The Plastic/separators are taken out. The Lead bearing material being heavier settles down in the Tank which is further collected which is laid on belt conveyer and is dried. The Dried Lead material is sent to Rotary Furnace raw material storage area and further for smelting.

We are furnishing from Semi-automatic based Lead Recycling/Smelting to Computer Controlled machines for Lead Separation from the Batteries & further Recycling the obtained Lead.

Key Features:

  • PLC based Control & Monitor System for advanced setups

  • Lead Acid Battery Recycling Technology

  • Secondary Lead Smelting Plants

  • Lead Refining, Alloying Techniques & Equipments

  • Lead Sub-Oxide, Red Lead & Litharge Manufacturing Plants

  • Pollution Control Systems for Lead Processing Industries

  • Technical Consultancy & Services for Lead Recycling & Smelting Operations

  • Training of Personnel for Lead Processing

  • Designing & Retrofitting of Existing Pollution Control Plant / Battery Recycling Plant

Our Services:

  • Layout & Thorough Engineering design of the Plant

  • Supply of complete Plant & Machinery

  • Provide assistance and supervision of the Plant Erection

  • Commissioning of the Plant

  • Provide process information and Training to your personnel

  • Establish process and product quality



Gravita Exim - Turnkey Project Solution